LG KS360 - QWERTY keyboard phone at affordable price

LG is trying to gain the market lead by manufacturing phones that makes more youngsters go for LG models. The models that have started come recently into the market from LG have almost all the latest features that any high end phone will have. The latest from LG is LG KS360. The phone is designed aesthetically, with lots of features.

The camera of LG KS360 is a 2Mp one and it is enriched with FM radio too. The phone comes with a slide out QWERTY key board. This phone is not a business phone but still it is enriched with a QWERTY key board and a touch screen. Though this is a slider phone, the keyboard is rested below the screen and so it looks a candy bar phone. The beauty of the keyboard is the keys are round in shape unlike the other phones. One can use the screen of the phone either in landscape or in portrait mode.

Apart from the QWERTY key board, a number pad or lettered keys appear on the screen to make the typing easier. There are two dedicated keys music player's volume key and camera's zoom key. It comes with 1GB card by default which can be expanded upto 4 GB. Enriched with GPRS and EDGE and so internet browsing is faster in this LG KS360. The phone comes with bluetooth and so one can listen to music with great ease and clarity. The phone comes with speaker also that enables the user to listen to songs without a head phone.

The phone is a triband phone and the battery gives 5 hours of talk time.

A phone that comes at a very affordable price for all the youngsters who wish to have a high end model.