Moto Fone F3 - A model for every one.

A phone that you would always want to own if you want just to talk and talk and do nothing else is this Motofone F3. Very light in weight and designed like Motorola L3, this phone comes with 1.9 inches monochrome screen just to display the big fonts. Apart from the keypad, this phone is also enriched with 4 way navigation keys and also hot keys. The phone looks very flat and one may simply brush it off for a phone that kids play with. (Some of the phones that kids used to play are quite heavier than this phone). The screen is thinner and can be seen even in bright sunlight. The power consumed by this phone is very low.

Motofone F3 is enriched with voice prompting which can be used when typing messages or searching for names. 9 quickdial numbers can be stored and the phone comes with a speaker phone. The phone rings loud and clear and so is the speaker phone. As this is a very basic model it have no other advanced featues.

Motofone F3 have no built in phone book and so all the numbers need to be stored in the sim card. (With increased sim card damages, one need to have a hard copy back up of all the numbers stored in the sim). The phone comes in three colours, black, red and blue. Messaging can be done only through SMS. The phone gives approximately 3 hours of talk time. (The phone can have atleast 7 hours of talk time).

Overall a great phone for those who want a phone for communication as the price of the phone is just Rs. 1,000.00 it is highly affordable.