Motorola Aura comes to India

The costliest phone Motorola Aura is launched in Indian market. Abishek Bachan launched this phone.

The phone have a 1.55 inch, round screen which is safeguarded by a crystal. The slider is fitted with 130 ball bearings which opens smoothly how much time it is opened. The key pad is made of aluminium bearings along with tungsten carbide gears.

Aura costs around 1,50,000. This price is for the above features. Other wise the phone have 2GB inbuilt memory, 2Mp camera, bluetooth. The phone gives a 7 hour talk time and 410 hours of stand by time.

These design of this phone is very elegant and it the speciality of this phone. The other featues of the phone is video recording, music player, GPRS and Edge and USB connectivity.

Though the owner can be proud to own such a phone, the cost of the phone is too much and I am not sure how many takers will be there for this Motorola Aura.