Nokia 1208 - A phone for elders and Senior Citizens

When my friend wanted to get a mobile for his parents, they had a few criteira. They dont want any fancy features in the mobile. But wanted a display that is quite large. When they meant display it is not the screen but they meant the font. They also wanted a speaker in their phone not to listen to music but if they want to listen to the voices of their grand children.

Speaker in a basic model phone was our first question, on enquiry we found out that a few basic model phones especially from Nokia do come with that feature. But we have to satisfy the other criteria also and so on searching for that we found that Nokia 1208 fulfills that too. It have Jumbo Fonts, Speaker phone and also a flash light. The other feature that made us go for this model is the flash light option. There is one more feature called time tracker in this Nokia 1208. You can set a preset time for a call, and when that timer is reached the call gets automatically disconnected. They have almost all their kids and grandchildren (my friend is the 3rd and his two sisters and one brother) abroad. So.....

Nokia 1208 is made of dust free material. The key pad have dedicated one touch keys. The phonebook can store upto 200 contacts. The clock can be set either to analogue or digital and a bigger looking clock can be displayed in the screen as a screen saver or wall paper. The battery gives full 7 hours talk time which is also anothe interesting feature of this basic model phone.


Anonymous said…
Very good Review !! The type of model which I was looking for for my mom !! Thanks.