Panasonic A100 - Phone just the size of your palm

A few years back, one of my friend, constantly had his hands on his ears. We were all so puzzled as to why, then one day, we just happenned to see his mobile phone and lo it was so beautifully small. And we came to know that it is Panasonic A100. The phone just fits in your palm and it is quite cute. You have almost all the basic features you need to have in any phone. It is ultra compact. The screen is a monochrome one and you can view graphical display in that screen.

A100 is a triband one, and when he took it abroad with him, it worked simply fine. The phone rings quite loudly and the ringtones are quite pleasing. Though the phone is very small, the keys of the keys are well spaced and placed along with 4 way navigation keys. Can store upto 250 contacts (200 more than Nokia 1100). The another wonderful feature of this A100 is its battery time. It gives 8 hours of talk time and 230 hours of standby time.

A100 is the phone that anyone would like to go for just looking up at the size of the phone. Though Panasonic have discontinued this model, it is available in India.