Sindhu Bairavi

Sindu Bairavi is a movie that came in the year 1985, the story of the movie revolves around a famous musician JKB (though some say this is the movie based on one real musician). He having a loving wife, falls in love with another woman, just because she have a good taste for music. He have always wanted his wife to atleast appreciate music, though not sing along. But his wife is a typical wife, who takes care of him and who wishes only his betterment.

JKB is played by Sivakumar and though at places, one can say he have over acted, but considering his role, he have done pretty well. Sivakumar scores when he asks the musician to sing the song Yochana correctly. Sulakshana, plays the role of his wife Bairavi ; a typical one, homely looks and she scores when she tries to learn Carnatic music from JKB's mrithangist Delhi Ganesh. The way she is so concerned about the washed clothes and the vadam, even the viewers get irritated. Suhasini plays the other woman Sindhu. Her face and eyes talk a lot in this movie. We can say that she have given her best in this movie. Be it singing Paadariyen, or be it giving off the baby to Sulakshana, which she have given birth, she too scores well.

The music is simply superb. Music is scored by Illayaraja. Songs that JKB sings in Sindhu Bairavi which is a carnatic song based movie are rendered by Yesudas which gives more effect to the movie and music. Though the song Thanni Thotti could have been avoided, both the musician and the singer have scored well. Chitra have sung for Suhasini and her song Paadariyen (how can one forget the way Illayaraja blends, mari mari ninne at the end of this Paadariyen!!!).

Overall, Sindhu Bairavi a great entertainer, and how many ever times you watch, it is a real treat. And it is a full and full K. Balachander Movie.