Transcend T.Sonic 840 4GB

Transcend have come up with the T. Sonic 840 4GB. This player is worth the price, thats what I would say of this. The player is loaded with lots of features and gives a great sound with clear clarity. The playlists or photo lists or the video lists are easy to navigate. When compared to other players of this memory capacity, this player seems to be a bit heavy. The design is simply superb with a metal shiny surface and gives the look of a mini ipod. The wheel on the side of the player helps in easy navigation. The screen pf Transcend T.Sonic 840 is 1.8 inches wide (the screen size of Nokia 3110C),

There are two separate buttons for the play/pause and lock just below the wheel and along with that the reset button is also present. The microphone to record voice or songs directly is present on the top of the player and the one touch button for recording is located on the side of the player, along with the volume keys. The mini USB connector and the headphone jack are at the bottom.

T.Sonic 840 supports all formats of audio and JPG and BMP formats of videos and photos. But the videos have to be converted into .mtv format before viewing it in the player. The player comes with a FM radio with a facility to tune in 20 different stations, which can be recorded directly.

The audio quality is great when you add some other headphones other than the one that comes with the player. Though this player have facilities to store E-Books also, it does not allow multi tasking. The file transfer speed could have been much more when looking at the capacity of the player. The battery performance is good and it is worth the money paid for. Over all one can say that this Transcend T.Sonic 840 is an ideal gift.