Vertu Ascent- Phones that you can only dream of

Vertu phones are designed to be admired, made to be held say their website. Yes, you can own a Vertu phone, if you really want to show off what you have to talk. It is a great luxurious indulgence to own this phone and if you have the money to spend, you can go for it for sure. The key pad of Vertu is supported by Ruby bearing that which supports the smoothness and sound of the touch. All the Vertu phones are regarded as special edition ones, and this Ascent comes with a back battery cover engraved with Special Edition and with a matching white leather hostler. All these are exclusives of Vertu Ascent.

Vertu Ascent though costs very high, when we look at its features we can say it is worth its price. The phone's screen will not scratch unless it is done by a diamond (who will want to do it to such a phone?) The holster will not get smudged even if it is touched with hand cream or lipstick in hand. The outer cover is made of hard titanium, so it wont get damaged even if you throw it down. And it have shock absorbent feature also.

Vertu Ascent is a triband one, which is enriched with blue tooth for connecting to compatible devices, it can be connected with PC using USB cable. Vertu Ascent can be used as a modem to connect the PC to the world wide web. It also supports MMS and the user can send email also. The phone book can store upto 1000 contacts, 150 SMS messages, and almost 1000 reminders. The phone gives a talk time of upto 6 hours and a standby time of 4.5 days.

For the price we give for this phone, if we expect certain features like a camera, thin size, memory expansion, FM, music player etc, it is not in this phone. I would rather suggest those who wish to own this phone to go for a basic model Nokia or Motorola or Samsung or LG or Sony Ericcson phones.