Benefits of Herbal Juice

One of my friends shared this with me through mail, I felt like adding it here. I said a big wow when I saw the benefits that these juices can give us.

Arugampul Juice - Purifies blood, heals mouth ulcer, increases secreation of breast milk,

Tender Coconut - gives youth and bliss, alkaline should be taken whenever acidity sets in, cooling element so should be taken with care in winter..

Banana Stem juice - Removes stones in stomach,stones in kidney, joint pains,helps slimming, every day morning with ashgourd is a very good source of alkaline and helps oolai sadai unwanted fat.

White Pumkin juice - Removes wound and ulcer, a great alkaline drink but side effects are joint pain...

Vallarai juice - Removes nerves problems, helps memory a lot..

Vilvam Juice - Cures all diseases,nerves as well,diabetic, and over all toning of the system connected to blood circulation..

Coriander leaf juice - Cures all diseases a high source of vitamin c, and good for digestion, but some may face gas problem or indigestion..

Mint leaf juice - Cures hiccough, applied as paste improves facial pimple problem, and all blood related and gas related problems...

Amla juice - Gives beauty,helps toning and a good source for the entire improvisation of system if taken a powder first thing in the morning along with water...used as paste along with henna for coloring hair into black.

Tulsi juice - Cures cold and leathergy, tones up the nervous system and phlegm in the chest, side effects sperm count will lower with too much intake..

Musumusukai juice - Stops running nose

Agathi juice - Cures constipation, helps diabetic with blood sugar

Kadukkai juice - Improves ur complexion, good for the pregnant ladies..

Mudakkatan juice Cures pains in the joints, releives gas problem, and a good stimulant to help ease motion.

Kalyana Murungai juice - Certainly REDUCES THE WEIGHT, yes the effect is more when chewed as it mixes with saliva we get a sudden motion and all gas is thrown out and our waist line is reduced fast, but not recommended for pregnant ladies as it may lead to abortion...

Thuthuvalai juice - Cures cold and sneezing

Adathoda juice - Cures asthma

Karisalanganni juice - Improves eyesight, growth of hair, a cooling herb to be made with our daily coconut oil for a thrice a week massage and bath for the bounce in hair


Anonymous said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Rajmi said…
Thanks for your comments Sheela. I am sharing all that I have learnt and collected.
good job and thanks for sharing. I would appreciate if you could share how to make the vallairai juice for kids to improve their memory.