Canon's Budget Printer - IP 1980

We wanted to by a printer for our home use. We checked upon different brands, and we checked various printers. We wanted to go for a printer that can be used at home. One of the brands that we came across is Canon IP 1980. It is very small in size with full in full black. The shop keeper was insisting this as we had given him portable as one of the specifications. The printer weighs just 3.3 kgs.

There are so many wonderful features of this printer. The printer can print photos and it comes with papers that is used to print photos. This is a colour and black and white printer and so comes with a black and multicolour cartridge. It is easy to fix and remove the cartridge. There are buttons that could be used to print and insert or remove paper. There are LED lights to indicate the functions. There are no extra functions as this is regarded as a budget printer. But we were told that there are lots of software that comes bundled with this printer and it comes in handy. On searching the net, I found some softwares to enhance the functionality of this printer. But I am not so sure how much they are effective.

The printer can be operated using both windows and max and there are separate software for both. If one wants to take a photograph directly from the digicam, it is very easy and there are settings like paper size, paper orientation that helps in adjusting the printing according to the photo. The photo optimizer feature helps in adjusting the colours of the photo (the demo showed us a colour photo that have been changed into a black and white and a black and white into colour).

It is very easy to clean the print head and save it. There is an indication that shows how much colour is used while printing and the level of the colours. The printer prints quite fast. The price of this comes to Rs. 2,695 and the cartridges for this printer can be obtained once they are used. The price of the new black cartridge is Rs. 865, colour is Rs. 1,155.00. The printer comes with a one year warranty.