The Data Traveller from Kingston

There are lots of flash drives (which are also called as USB drives and Pen drives) are available in the market. Kingston have launched its new model the Data Traveller which is available in 1,2,4 and 8GB capacities. Each capacity comes in a different colour. 1 GB comes in purple colour, 2 GB comes in blue colour, 4GB comes in Red and the 8GB comes in green colour. Apart from this all these comes in black colour too. These are very light in weight and can be hung in the key chain too.

Unlike many other pen drives of Transcend which comes with a cap or Verbatim drives which comes in a swivel design, this data traveller comes in a slide open design. One end comes out to get attached to the USB port of the PC or Laptop and the other end have a facility to attach it to the key chain. The slider of this port is strong and it slides the USB point outside easily and all at the same time, it will not automatically slide back too.

It is a nice and inexpensive flash drive that comes with a unique mechanism and different colours for different capacity which we have not seen so far.