Difference between Flash Drive and Thumb Drive

Flash Drive or Pen Drive, have replaced the floppy discs and CDs. They are very small in size and can be connected to PC or notebook just using the USB drive. Most of the recent flash drives do not need a software to run. These flash drives comes in different memory capacities. Right from 1GB to 16GB. Transcend have recently launched 16 GB flash memory drives.

Thumb drive also works the same way. They can also be connected to PC or internet just through USB port. But the main feature in this drive is that, it have a locking feature and so it can be made secure from the data being robbed or erased or edited. This lock can be called as a digital lock too. But the datas can be read even when the drive is locked.

Both drives work well on Windows 98 and above and the main criteria that one need to check is, whether the computer or laptop have a USB port.