Facial Massage

Why should one have a facial massage?
Facial massage is done to improve the skin and muscle tone in the face. It helps in relaxing the muscles in eyes and face. It helps in releiving the tension, headaches and pain. It relevies stress and anxeity and gives a great relaxation to mind too. Facial massage also works as a stimulator to pressure points in the face too.

Facial massage also helps in removing wrinkles. Regular massage slows down the process of aging seen in the face. It tightens the tissues and increases the blood circulation.

What is the frequency?
One can have the massage once in a month. It is better to have once in 15 days. Also one having the facial massage should enjoy it with relaxed state of mind. (Most of the time, once a facial and neck and shoulder massage is given, it will lead to a nice sleep). Relaxing and sleeping is good.

Who can have this massage?
Any one. But those who have broken or damaged skin or inflamation in the skin or highly sensitive skin should avoid facial massages.

Different facial massage strokes
1. Slow Vibrating Massage:
Massaging slowly with gentle strokes and by pressing the face with finger tips is called as slow massage. All through the massage right from neck to fore head the massage is given very slowly. This massage is best done with finger tips (by practice one can do this at home, if not it is better to do it from an experienced hands.

2. Pressure Massage:
This massage is given mainly below the eyes to remove the pouch, near the corners of the lips and chin to remove the double chin.

3. Fast Massage:
Massaging the face with entire palm and with circular fast motion.This is done to remove wrinkles.

4. Stroking Massage:
Stroke your cheeks and the sides of the nose by stroking from near the nose to temples to give a rejenuvating feeling to the areas.

5. Pinch Massage:
This is done by pinching the skin between index and thumb finger softly. This is done mainly for people with double chin and wrinkles in jaw.

6. Kneading Massage:
The hand is folded in the fist form and is used to give circular movements all over the face. This helps to those who feel that their face shows an aging look

But in general all the above 6 massage types are used in a combination by a professional. Constant practice helps in learning these massaging techniques to those wish to do a facial massage at home.

What to use for a massage?
Any all purpose cream will help. But Vitamin E cream or aloe vera cream suits all skin types. So it is better to use that.

For oily skin, it is better to avoid creams but use baby powders for massage.

For dry skin, almond oil can be used.

Procedures to follow before a facial massage
Tie your hair up with a hair band. Apply the cream or powder or oil all over the face. With the thumb and index finger the skin around the mouth, chin and cheeks need to kneaded. (This is to prepare the skin for a massage). Store the forehead with fine lines just the way of ironing the clothes. Hold the forehead with one hand the it can be stroked with the other. Give circular movements all over the cheeks. Using the middle finger of both the hands giving gentle and smooth strokes over the brow bone from the outside of the eye to the inner near the nose helps in removing the tiredness of the eyes. It should be done with straight fine lining strokes.

This procedure have to be done 3 to 5 times depending upon the relaxation one needs. Relax, close your eyes and try to sleep.