Fruit Shop on Greams Road

Be it summer or any other time, Chennai people love to have a glass of fresh juice. For a very long time when it comes to juice shops it had been only shops that are just 10*10. The customers stand just in front of the counter and enjoy their glass of fresh made lime soda, or fresh lime or pineapple or even in some shops, they provide milk shakes too. Along with this comes the sugar cane juice too, which is to be seen even in the road sides. Apart from these bottled juices also quench the thirst of the Chennaities whenever there is no fresh juice shop.

Fruit Shop on Greams Road is started in Greams Road in the year 1995 by two people who had this as their secondary business which then became their primary one with 11 branches all over Chennai and one in Dubai. They are the first branded fruit shops in the city

We went to the Besant Nagar outlet with family and were so surprised to see the different varities of juices, combos, milkshakes. You name it you get the combination. Lime punch, Mint Cooler, Litche Delite and on and on the menu goes. You will not get dissappointed by the taste, they really give you a great surprise. You will even find your comic flavours like JugHead Specials too. The place is decorated nicely and light brightly. But the parking need to be done only in the road. But the road is wide enough to accomodate the cars.

The Cement Road (BPCL Petrol Bunk) in the GST Road have an array of eat outs and Fruit Shop on Greams Road have a small outlet there. The outlet seats around 12 people (3 tables are placed with 4 chairs each). But people who come to fill their tanks opt for a take home, so there is not much of crowd over here. But still, this place is worth stepping in to quench your thirst and take some exotic flavours while going on a long drive.