Hair care is the need of this hour - Hair Massage

Massaging the hair and scalp regularly helps in stimulating the blood flow and helps in strengthening the hair follicles. Massaging the hair also helps in preventing and fighting hair loss. Proper massage to hair also helps in natural growth and it gives a healthy and manageable hair. Scalp massage also helps in improving the texture of the hair too. It also helps in the secretion of the natural oil from the scalp that gives a healty look to the hair. Scalp massage also helps in relaxing and calming oneself. People who have migranes or headaches benefit from this scalp/hair massage very much. Most of the time, if one is shampooing hair in a parlour, the stylist gives a scalp massage. The Indian Oil Bath method have this scalp massage. But still, one need not go to parlour to get this scalp massage, but it can be done at home. Hair massage helps in releiving stress also to a greater extent. Proper diet combined with yoga (especially Sirasasana, which helps in bringing in more blood circulation) and exercise also helps along with the massage.

From where to start:
Start from the back of the neck, move towards near the ear, move towards the forehead, give a massage also to the forehead by holding the two ends of the head with forefinger and thumb of a hand, and with another hand massage it in straight lines.

Then go near the hairline and start massaging the head with fingers in circular motion. Then massage the top of the head and the entire scalp in circular motions for atleast 10 to 15 mins.

Another method of massaging hair:
Instead of using finger tips this method follows the usage of the knucles of the fingers. Using that the entire scalp can be massaged.

For massaging the scalp, warm plain coconut oil with a few black pepper and massage the warm oil into the scalp. Apply this oil even to the tip of the hair. Wash it off with home made shampoo or any other shampoo after an hour. After the massage tie the hair with soft towels dipped in warm water (make sure that the towel is not dripping with water).

During summer the oil can be massaged in night and can be washed off the next day.