Hair care is the need of this hour

Summer have come, and so are the smelly hairs. I make sure that me and my daughter have hair wash twice a week atleast. Though once in a while we indulge ourselves with the across the counters shampoos, I prefer home made shampoos for washing my hair. My natural shampoo is always available at home, and I prefer using that.

Apart from this, I soak my hair generously in sour curd and massage well, to the roots of the hair. Then wash it with the natural shampoo. While washing my hair, I follow the instructions, my friend gave me to increase the thickness and strength of the hair.

1. Use luke warm water to wash hair, pouring hot water directly onto hair will lead to hair loss.

2. While washing off the shampoo bend forward and let the water flow down. After wash tie it up with a towel, do not let it loose and allow the soap that we use for our body to touch the hair.

3. Dry it out naturally in the sun. Even if you dont get a chance to go out, dry it out by leaving hair loose. Using of hair dryers cause damage to hair roots.

4. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps in dehydrating not just the body but also the scalp

5. Using combs or hair brush while the hair is wet will damage the hair, using of rubber bands will also give the same effect to hair.

6. To untangle knots in hair use fingers instead of combs.

7. The best thing of all is to be out of stress and keeping oneself cool will help in having a manageable hair.

One have to take time to care for their hair. Having a beautiful hair is always a proud thing.