LG KF-600 - Venus (The name says its beauty)

A phone that is also known as Venus - got all its accolades for its design. This LG KF-600 is a new phone that is introduced in India. The phone comes with two screens out of which one screen is touch sensitive navigation screen. This is a design that is created for the first time. This is a very slim phone that comes with a 3 MP camera with digital focus and auto zoom. Those who own this phone are sure to be definitely proud.

The keypad of LG KF-600's touch keypad slides out. The screen of the phone is 2 inches and it gives a good clarity either while taking photos or while using the message to send or read messages. The inbuilt music player allows the user to listen to music stored in the phone or in the SD card. But the phone gives just 2.5 hours of talk time.

The screen of LG KF 600 Venus is a scratch resistent one, which gives a great look to the phone. The camera and the music player can also be operated using the touch pad of the phone. The phone comes with 40 MB internal memory which can be expanded upto 2 GB.