Mouli's Annapoorni Restaurant - Banglore, a great feasting experience

We in our family love to eat out, and so given a chance we love to grab our bags, close our kitchen and move out. When I visited my brother in Banglore, he was in full appreciation about one particular restaurant and he and his wife insisted that we have our food there, once. So we decided to go for dinner. It was a Monday and brother had come home early and we all pushed off in an auto with brother and SIL leading us in their scooter. It was me my two kids and my mother who had visited them at that time. It was December night and we all cuddled together in that high auto. We were expecting to have something warm and different that we dont do at home. All our expectations were punctured when we saw the shutters down in that restaurant and only then we came to know that Mouli's Annapoorni is closed on Mondays. We went to another place (I forgot the name though) and finished our dinner and came back home.

But next day, brother came through that road from office, stopped at Mouli's Annapoorni and confirmed that they are open that day and called us to be ready (thanks for the cell phones, they didnot have a land line connection). We were all ready and he came back, refreshed and changed to casuals and again we went to this Restaurant - Annapoorni in Ulsoor. The restaurant run by Mouli's catering.

The food is typical south Indian, Tanjore style. One plate is just enough for a person to enjoy. Be it Pongal with Vathakuzhambu or Arisi Upma with Vathakuzhambu, the taste is simply home made. We didnot try the typical Karnataka specials. But were happy with the contemprary combinations like above. We also have ordered Adai with Aviyal and Pesarattu. Pesarattu was crispy and less spicy.

It was then from my brother I learnt that the Saturday and Sunday lunch are a feast and people book tables for that. Feast in the real sense, is his comment. They serve typical South Indian Festival/Wedding fare in that feast. The food is served in Thalai Vazhai. The menu includes, Payasam, Pachadi (sweet and curd), Vadai, one mixed rice(kalantha saadam), vathakuzhambu, more kuzhambu, sambar, rasam, appalam, curd and pickles. There is also one sweet and a cup of ice cream served.

The food that we had was less spicy, and oily. Dont forget to book your table at Mouli's Annapoorni during your next Banglore visit.


shuby said…

Wow its really a nice experience

Keep smiling

Shuby Arora