Natural Shampoo - 3

Due to pollution, colouring or bleaching, the hair (for both men and women), becomes dry, rough and hard. To make such hair soft and manageable the following can be used as a natural shampoou.

Thuvar Dal - 2 Tbsp
Fenu Greek - 2 Tbsp
Curry Leaves - one handful.

Soak the dal and fenu greek in warm water the previous night. Grind it along with curry leaves the next day. Apply it on to the hair and massage it with finger tips on the scalp and on the ends of the hair (for women). Let it set for about 20 mins. Then wash off hair with warm water. Doing this atleast twice a week, if you are colouring your hair, or if you have dry hair, will enrich the scalp follicles and will make the natural oils of scalp flow.

You can make this as a powder and can store it and use it whenver needed. Take equal quantities of Fenu Greek and Thuvar Dal and 1/2 the quantity curry leaves. Dry them in sun for a day or two and grind it in a flour mill (if the quantity is less, grind it in mixie and seive it). Store it in an air tight container.