Nokia N70 Cellphone Reviews (First N Series Phone)

When my brother came back from Singapore, he got this mobile for himself. One of the high end models from Nokia, the first of the N-Series. This Nokia N70 is a great mobile with dual cameras one to take photos and the other to use while video conferencing. The phone supports 3G technology. The design of Nokia N70 is simply great and the owner is sure to be proud of having such a model. The phone comes with complete multimedia features. Unlike the newer N-Series phones this phone is not light. Comparitively it is heavy. The battery gives a talk time of 4 hours which is quite ok for such a phone.

The keys in the keypad of Nokia N70 is placed nicely and is very easy to dial. The navigational menu is easy to use and operate. The screen of N70. This phone resembles Nokia 6680 but still it is different when it comes to features. Nokia N70 being a multimedia phone comes with a multimedia key.

The primary camera of N70 which is located at the back of the phone and is covered by a protective cover. The cover can be moved when the user needs to take photograph. The camera comes with a dedicated key and is enriched with 20X digital zoom. The photos taken using this camera can be printed directly in those printers which are pictbridge compatible. The camera is capable of taking videos too and a movie editor application is provided.

The second camera supports video calling. As this Nokia N70 is 3G enriched, video streaming, 3G data transfer, music and video streaming are done easily. The music player is from Real Player and it supports video playback in MPEG4 format. It supports almost all formats of music too. The radio is enriched with visual Radio feature that lets view the information about the song and artist.

The phone comes with 30MB internal memory and a 64 MB MMC card, the memory can be increased upto 1 GB. The phone is provided with a handset and is also enriched with speaker to hear the songs or listen to the calls both personally and loudly. The card can be connected to compatible devices using either Bluetooth or USB cable to PC.

As this is the first of its kind, the user interface is slow to load and when more and more features are downloaded and added, N70 tends to freeze. But still, this N70 is a quad band phone that have features like WAP browser, JAVA applications, Document viewer, TV Out, Organizer, Voice Command, Voice memo apart from the regular features.

I would say, this Nokia N70 is one of the best high end models, with a reasonable price tag, I have seen so far.