Thayumanavar and Sloka for a safe delivery

The Story and Sloka
This sannidhi is located enroute to Ucchi Pillayar Temple. The lord is Thayumanavar and ambal is Mattuvar Kuzhal Ammai. Once there was a lady who came to pray lord every day without fail from across Cauvery. This was right from her young age and it continued even after she got married and got pregnant. One day after her prayers when she was about to go back home, the rain came crashing down and cauvery was floodded, which made her stay back. But her labour pains started and she wanted her mother near by. Her mother who was on the other side of the bank, prayed lord to help her daughter. Lord Shiva came and helped the girl. The lord looked like the girl's mother, and thus he became thayum aanavan. That is lord who became mother too.

This sloka is on praise of Thayumanava Swamy and it have to be chanted atleast 11 times a day, Monday is for Lord Sivan, so if possible it can be chanted more number of times on Monday.

Mathru boodeswaro devo
Bakthanaa mishta thayaka
Sukanthi kunthala naavaha
Suka Prasava Mrichchathuhu.

Hima vathyuththarey parthavey
Surathaa nama yakshini
Tasyaha smarana mathrena
Visalya karpini paveth.

Hey sankara smarahara
Bramahathathi natha
Mannatha samba sasisooda
Harathri soolin
Sambo sukaprasavakrutha
Pavame thayalo
Shri mathrubootha
Siva balayamam namasthey.

When I was pregnant for the first time, both my MIL and my mother vowed to tie Vazhaithar in Thayumanavar Sannidhi in Trichi. And I vowed it for my second delivery. We did the Vazhaithaar sathuthaal after both the deliveries.

After delivery, if you have taken the vow, visit this temple, and offer vazhaithaar for the lord. Vazhaithaar is available at the foothill. There is a shop. After doing the pooja, make sure you distribute all the bananas, keeping a few for you.


geetha said…
This is a very nice blog in all aspects.I enjoyed reading my favourite topics right from how to wear madisaar and slokas...thanks for such a wonderful write up
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your Thayumanava slokam for safe delivery. It is a Sanskrit slokam you hv given in English. Will you pl present it in tamil or give the link to dwnld in tamil PDF ?

Thanking you once again

Rajmi Arun said…
Will definitely post the sloka in Tamil too.
Very nice and true is powerful sloka .
Anonymous said…
Need it in Sanskrit too for accurate pronounciation. It will be great help
Anonymous said…
Can u pls give me the link where u have posted this sloka in tamil