Things that you dont know your iPod Classic can do

Many of us have started using iPod; it have become just more than a fashion symbol. It have become one of the necessary accessories of today's youth. The more the features an iPod have, the owner gets more prouder and prouder. Here are a few more uses of iPod apart from using it to listening to songs and viewing videos.

1. Use it as an alarm Clock:
Your iPod Classic can wake you up when you want to study for your exams or it will remind you when you want to go for any important meeting. In the main menu of the iPod, go to Extras and choose clock. Go to Alarm Clock and set the time when you want the alarm to ring. You can also set your favourite song just the way you do it in your mobile phones.

Also if you want to listen to some of your favourite songs, store them in a play list, keep your iPod connected to a head phone or to an external speaker then it will start playing those songs at the time you have set.

2. Check your mails:
Connect your iPod Classic to your computer and download programs that would synchronize iPod with the mail centers. Search for websites that help you download sync programs from google. Sync your iPod and keep your contacts in touch wherever you go.

3. Read News Papers:
There are lots of e newspapers available. And it can be read using iPod Classic, using the iPodulator program. Using this, one can download the news and other details into the iPod and read at a later stage whenever needed.