To reduce heat and boils

Summer have come, and it is the time every one kids and adults get boils in face, or in legs or in hands. This is called as Venil Katti in Tamil. It is necessary to reduce it and prevent it. To prevent these boils from coming, it is better to take Butter Milk or Lassi whenever possible.

Whenever you feel thirsty, it is better to have something like mint lemonade, some Milkshakes, either Choclate or Mango.

Eating Salads made of cucumber also helps in keeping cool.

If still after this boils have come, (most of them go off leaving a mark in the skin), apply a mixture of sandal powder, kasturi manjal powder and rose water on the affected areas.

Boils like this comes for those with oily skin, or with combination skin which starts secreting oil during summer. But it doesnot mean others wont get it. I have a normal skin, but still, when I was young, I used to get this. This is due to the excess body heat and the best thing to do in summer is to take bath thrice a day.