Travelling with babies

It is definitely a night mare to travel with babies. Be it night travel or day; be it travelling by car, train or flight, it is always a Himalayan task. But now there are lots of items have come into the market, that have made travelling with babies a pleasure. Gone are the days when mothers have to carry lots of feeding bottles (no place to clean and sterilize), huge flask with hot water (to mix milk, to clean the kids); it always happens, that the father have to be a great runner to get down in some resonably big stations and get hot water from the VLR stall.

The young mothers who are travelling with days old babies need not be worried or feel shy to feed the baby, as the Feeding Cloak covers both the mother and also the baby. Even slightly grown up babies who are easily distracted also can be covered with this to ensure stomach full feeding.

Another important item one have to carry is lots of clothes and diapers (both cloth and disposable). One need to keep opening the luggage that have these items to change the soiled diapers but now the diaper bags comes in very handy. These diaper bags comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of these bags also comes with changing mats too.

There are lots of modern and electrical equipments have come in the market. In the train compartments also, plug points and sockets are given to charge the mobile or laptops, which can also be used to the electric bottle strelizer.

If you are travelling by car and want to give a warm milk to your baby then this auto bottle warmer comes in handy. Plug it to the mobile charger and can be used to warm the milk. With an adaptor one can use the same in the normal plug points in home or while travelling by train too. The food warmer, helps in warming even the frozen foods. The first solid food Puzhungarisi Kanji for babies can be prepared and can be warmed using this food warmer whenever it is time to feed.


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Very helpful article for mothers