W220 - Motorola's 8 hour talking phone

Most of the Motorola phones, donot give so much of talk time. But this Motorola W220 gives 8 hours of talk time. A stylish flip model phone, that is light in weight this Motorola W220 is good to use and looks great.

This W220 comes with dual display screen, the external showing just the icons of message, call and power, where in the internal is used as the normal screen. The key pad is soft and good to use and the navigation buttons that are placed in the centre gives good usability.

A dual band phone this W220 comes with GPRS enabled. The phone book can store upto 600 contacts and the internal memory is just 500 KB just ideal for a user who uses his phone just to call and talk or type and message. The organiser of this phone is just like that in any other Motorola model.

What more to keep entertained this phone also comes with FM player. In general this phone can be classified as a phone that is quite suitable for people who talk and talk and talk. (Marketing and Sales people can go for this phone). The price of Motorola W220 is also very reasonable and affordable.