Water Proofing a house

It had become a problem in the recent days, after the pillar construction have come into existence. We were having a tough time when we found that there are some leakages from the ceiling. We heard of this water proofing and on enquiry our builder promised us that it had been done already in our new house. But we wanted to be so much sure. Water proofing comes handy mainly during the monsoon season.

The basement and the roof need to be water proofed and certain measures were to be taken care of. The basement waterproofing helps in less floor humidity and the ceiling water proofing helps in leakage in the ceiling.

The main things to be taken care is to get the drains out of the home and it need to be cleaned and the clogs need to be cleared regularly. The area outside the home should be built with a slope so that the water flows directly into the drains. Grasses helps in soaking the water that stands in the yard than flowering plants or trees. Water should not be left to stand in the yard as it will damage the basement of the building.


jamie said…
I agree, waterproofing the basements and ceilings should be done in order to prevent leaking and flooding inside the house especially during rainy seasons.
I've been using bund waterproofing in our house in which it uses tank.
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