Why do we light a lamp?

Right from my younger years, I have seen my mom lighting lamp twice a day. In the mornings, after bath, the Puja Room is cleaned wiped (a separate cloth is allotted for Puja Room mopping), the Kuthu vilakku cleaned and lighted by mom by chanting, the Vilakku Sloka.

Infact my daily worship starts with lighting the lamp and chanting the slokas. Lighting the lamp is done even before starting a function too. This signifies that the entire function should go on auspiciously, without hindrance.

The light or the Deepam, signifies knowldege, and lighting a lamp daily is to pray to god to show the light of wisdom, knowledge and the right path in which we have to follow our lives. The light shows us everything in life. Without light we cannot live. That light comes from the small deepam that is lit using the wicks and oil.

Paramacharya, have always insisted on using oil lamps inside the sanctum sanctorum and it is a great pleasure to see the Lord or Ambal when the Haarathi is shown.