Remedy for darker Underarms

Today's youngsters, young mothers and even people in their late thirties and early forties like to wear sleevless salwars or blouses. But the main problem they face is the black underarms. Though it is a fact that parts like elbows, knees and underarms are darker than other parts of the body, it is easier to remove the darkness in the underarms area.

Reasons for darkness:
Use of hair removing creams in excess and shaving of underarms are the main reasons. Shaving doesnot remove the hair by roots, creams have chemicals that change the colour of the skin.

Also usage of deodrants and perfumes directly on to the skin also leads to dark skin underam. Deodrants, like many makeup items have metallic salts result indarker underarms.

What is to be done to remove the under arm hair?
Waxing is the best option. But to remove hair permanantly from the underarm area, laser treatment is the best.

Does sweating also result in dark underarms?
To some extent sweat is also a reason, but constant usage of sunblock creams helps in lightening of the skin.

Home made treatment for underarms