Samsung's Gravity Cellphone - The style icon for the youth

A phone that is designed for messaging is this Samsung Gravity. The QWERTY keyboard slides out. A quad band phone is one is made just for the youth of today who does lots of messaging. Though this phone can be considered to be a high end phone because of the QWERTY key board, other features of this phone are very basic. It have only 1.3 MP camera, a very basic music player and stereo bluetooth. But it doesnot have a FM radio.

Though Gravity have a slide out key board, the basic phone keyboard is also placed below the screen. The keys are well spaced and placed nicely. When the QWERTY keyboard. slides out the screen changes from portrait to landscape mode.

Phone book of Gravity can store around 1000 entires and each entry can in turn can store up to 5 different types of entries and can be enhanced with ringtones and photos. The speaker phone helps in listening to calls and also to listen to music. The notepad helps in storing important details.

Gravity also supports instant messaging of all IM services. Emails can also be sent using the faster connectivity. The battery gives a talk time of 6 hours which is quite above the standard for such models.

Over all we can say that this is the style icon just like LG KS360.