Nokia Cellphone 6600 Slide reviews

A phone that is a trend setter, this phone is small rather tiny and is really hard to resist taking a second look is this Nokia 6600 Slide. The sliding is smooth and it is easy to handle. The OLED screen is great to use and the camera is of 3MP. There is a USB connection to connect the phone to the PC. The music player of this phone supports all formats of music and the phone is just right for the now available 3G connectivity. The screen is a touch screen and responds very easily to the tap commands. Though this comes from the 6600 fold, this phone looks very different and is stunningly beautiful to look at. The easily operable navigation tools which are round edged gives great movement all around the menus of the phone. The phone is accessible even without slide opening the phone. The keypad lights up with blue effect and it helps to use easily even in the dark night.

Navigate around the city and all around the world with the help of Nokia maps that is embedded in this Nokia 6600 Slide. The rechargeable battery gives 3 hours of talk time. The phone is a quad band phone and it can be connected even to WCDMA along with GSM. The high speed data connectivity is possible through EDGE technology. The micro USB connection and Bluetooth helps in connecting the phone to compatible devices. The phone comes with Micro SD card slot. One can be connected to the their friends and keep chatting with them as this phone can be connected to chats like AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN.

The camera of Nokia 6600 slide comes with LED flash and 8X digital zoom which allows the user to take perfect pictures. The user can send SMS, MMS, emails with attachments. The browser speed of this phone is quite high so the user can check mails using their phone faster.