Homestay in India

Homestays, this concept is very new to India. But on searching over the net, one can find lots of people offering homestays. This concept of homestays have gained lots of momemtum when the foreign tourists wanted home away from home. They want to enjoy the true Indian hospitality and get a clear picture and knowledge of the different diversified cultures and traditions of India.
In many homestays in India, the guests get a chance to live with the host in their own home, which is either inside a farm, or a plantation estate, or near the beach, or in a remote village which is full of culture and heritage. Some homestays also have rooms away from the main home, to give complete privacy for the guests.

Why people choose Home Stays?
There are so many reasons, people prefer staying in a homestay accomodation, than a hotel or resort.

1. The homestays are unique and different and one have the choice to choose from the kind of house they want to stay in a place where they visit. If a person visiting Banglore wants to stay away from the bustling crowd but still needs a comfortable stay, then the best choice would be Gopi Nivas which is a farm house, just a few kms away from Banglore and which is close to Halibed and Belur too. Though there are lots of hotels and resorts in Kumarkoam, if one choose to stay at a home stay, The Coconut Creek Farm will be the best choice. And one can enjoy their stay in their boat house too.

2. The guests can avail of personalised services in a home stay (the reason being minimum rooms and the Government of India have made a guideline as to there should not be more than 5 rooms in a homestay) . The guests get a chance to dine with the hosts along with chatting and knowing more about India. The bondage becomes stronger and new friendships are formed and repeat visits becomes a usual norm.

3. Though hotels and resorts offer tourist guides, these homestays hosts have good knowledge about the locality and they take pride in presenting the local area which gives lots of inputs to the visitors. There will be concentrated attention and the hosts arrange for a lot of activities to engage the guests. The guests are entertained to the maximum and their stay is made absolutely plesant.

4. Many prefer food cooked at home. Many people avoid going on vacations, just because of the simple reason, that they have to eat in restaurants. This hurdle is removed when the guests stay in homestays. They get Indian food, cooked in front of their eyes, prepared steaming hot and served steaming hot. Most of the homestays also cater to the guests choice of food items too. The guests can get involved in the cooking process and can learn new recipes.

Thus one can say that there are lots of advantages in staying in a home stay next time when one choose to go on vacation to a particular place in India. These homestays are very affordably priced too.

List of homestays in India from which one can choose from is given in Indian Travel Planner