Before buying a cellphone

It is absolutely necessary to take care of certain things before we go on a shopping spree for a mobile. There are lots of models of cell phones available in the market. Before you buy a cell phone it is better to check on the following:

1. Check out for exchange offer:
        When you go to buy a cellphone, it is better to buy them during festive season and also check out the exchange offer available. It is better to go to showrooms to buy the cellphone. Also it is better to bargain for a better price for the old mobile. There are changes to get a better price for the old mobile.

2. Check on the Battery Life:
         It is better to know the battery life of the cellphone before purchasing it. If the battery is to be charged regularly, then it will not help in having that mobile. Though it is not necessary that the battery should be changed, it could also be the technical problem in the cellphone. But it is not advisable to go for such a model that gives very little battery time as it will interrupt the work and will also eat up more time.

3. Use a SIM card to talk immediatly: 
         After purchasing the mobile, it is advisable to put a SIM card and talk immediatly and check for the voice clarity of the cell phone. Donot get carried away by the fancy features of the phone. The main usage of cell phone is to talk.

4. Check online, purchase in shop:
         Many showrooms have online shops, if one wants to look out for a model they can look it in those online shops. But all at the same time, it is better to look out or the reviews of the model that they wish to purchase from websites like India Review Channel, so that they can have an idea as to what to look out for in that model. You can also check with your friends who have that model already.

5. Basic and Hitech Models:
        If you are a person who keep talking talking and talking in your cell phone, it is better to go for basic model phones. The hitech model phones are also good, but some of them might not have large battery time. But still, if you are purchasing a high end model, purchase an insurance cover for that mobile along with the purchase. Check out the different features of the policy before going for it.

6. Dual SIM:
        For many Dual SIM mobiles are definitely a boon. But one have to be very very careful before purchasing a Dual SIM mobile. There are lots of branded Dual SIM mobiles and one have to go for them, rather than going for cheap Chinese models.