My Mysorepa making experience

My mom makes Mysore pa the yummy dish almost 3 or 4 times every year. I am 100% sure, even the Krishna Sweets  Mysorepa cannot match it (the reason behind is this is made with love). It will be the sweet for either my birthday or my brother's.

I have seen her making it before marriage. Have not tried doing it even once. But did note that recipe in my recipe note book. It was after we moved to Trichy, my cousins and their families visited us and they are tasting my cooking for the first time. I had invited them for lunch.

I have seen the method my mom follows and the utensils she used. Though I had a Calcutta kadai, I didnot want to use it but tried using non-stick(thinking that I could use less ghee). Followed the method step by step. But that being non-stick it became ready very fast. I took a small ball of the paste and tasted it only to find, that it didnot match my mom's preparation (my cousins know that I took my cooking training from my mom and she is one of the great cooks of our family). And I guessed that lack of ghee could be the reason and kept the flame in low and added the required quantity of ghee to it.

Wow!!!! Mysorepa tasted great, simply out of the world. And my other preparations also turned out quite well. I saved my mom's name.