Quin - Yin the Goddess of luck

Have not been able to blog for quite some time as my son was very very ill. All kinds of tests for all types of diseases were taken and it all proved negative. The fever never came down and it was around 103. The 4.5 year old boy looked very fragile and we all were so tensed.

One of my friend kept calling me to keep me in good spirits suddenly gave me one info about the Chinese Goddess Quin-Yin who loves kids and women and will help them when asked for help.

She also gave me an one line sloka to chant. "Om Mani Padme Hum".

It was on that day, we were to take him to give blood for one final test (test for rat fever). We were all so worried and I taught the sloka to my son, daughter and also started chanting all the way. Till the time the blood was taken, he had the fever and when we came out the fever started reducing and after that he didnot get fever at all.

The next day, it was diagonised that it is a viral attack that have started in Chennai.

But the wonderful thing is after that he didnot get that fever.

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