Personal Review of Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio

After some serious persuaion, I got my husband a new phone Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio. One of the phones from the Xpress Series of Nokia. But unlike the other phones, this model is just Xpress Radio and not Xpress Music, which is the major difference of this phone. A basic dual band phone have 1.8 inches colour screen. But there is no option to choose no themes so we have to choose a lighter theme which can have the letters in darker colours. Though this is a basic model phone, it can store 500 phone book entries which can be split into multiple phone books. According to the manual Nokia 5030 gives almost a week's stand by (it is not true says my husband who uses this phone as he keeps talking talking and talking and so the phone have to be charged every night).

Nokia 5030 Xpress Music is light in weight and is easy to use and handle. Though the manual says easy to use key pad, the embedded keys are hard to use initially and it will take time to get used to. . The large navigation key below the screen helps in menu navigation easily. Though my husband dont listen to FM radio much still we listened to it and the sound is awesome. The speaker at the back of the phone gives great sound and for personal listening experience the phone comes with a head set too.

3 games are preloaded and the user can check the time even in night with the help of speaking clock. The alarm can also be set to talking alarm clock which says, The time is 6.00 am time to get up. (The sound is too loud, it doesnot allow us to sleep even a min more and wakes us up fully).

It had been almost a month since we got Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio, and my husband is quite satisfied inspite of certain things like hard key pad, themed screen.