Significance of Karadayan nonbu

Karadayan Nonbu which is not a Vaitheega festival but a lougeega one, is celebrated in the month of Maasi, when the month of Maasi ends and the month of Panguni begins. This festival is celebrated to obtain the Deerga Soumangalyam. It is often said that "Maasi Kayaru, Paasi Padiyum" - which means, it will last long.

Kaardayan Nonbu also marks the story of Sathyavan- Savithri. Savithri took a vow to bring back her husband Sathyavan from the clutches of Yama. She went to the extent of going behind his back till the yamalog and got his blessings of Deerga Soumangalyam, where in Yama was forced to leave her husband.

Karadaiyan Nonbu is done on praise of Parvathi, who remains with her husband Shiva in the form of Arthanarreshwara. All women wish to have a long life with their husband. Many women during this Vrat, fast from early in the morning and complete the Vrat at the time of Sankaramanam by offerring the Adai's made to the Goddess along with a lump of butter.

There is another significance to make these Karadai and Uppadai. As Savithri was living along with her inlaws in forest, the only things she can get was the raw rice, Karamani and butter from the cows they were breeding. It is offered in banana leaves.

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