Pillayar or Ganapathi or Ganesha the supremo Uno God

Ganapathi or Ganesha is the leader of all the Ganas (or demons). He is the supremo Uno of all Gods and he gives us all victory if he is prayed before doing any work. Praying to Ganesha helps us to do any work without any hindrance.

He is also Vinayaka or Vignanatha which means the God who destroys all the Vignam or evil or obstacle that comes in our way. Pillayar can be seen in every corner of the street in the state of Tamilnadu. Most of the idols are just below a tree with the tree itself as roof.

Pillayar is normally seen with elephant head, one tusk and a mouse as his Vahana.

Ganesha is synonymised with Aum and Buddhi. He is the lord of learning. Praying to Ganesha gives knowledge and intelligence too.

Though Ganapathi is worshipped before every pooja and festival, Ganesh Chaturthi or Pillayar Chaturthi is celebrated mainly for Ganesha. Every temple in India have Ganapathi shrine in it and one can go to pray to the main deity only after praying Ganapathi.

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