Rudhraksha - An Introduction

Rudhraksha's speciality and importance is described and explained in Ashtadasapurana.

Birth of Rudhraksha
The Asura Thirupurasura won all the devas and was ill treating them. Devas prayed to Lord Parameshwara who blessed them that it will be done. Parameshwara sat in penace for about 33 lakh years with his eyes open and at the end of the penace when he closed his eyes tear drops fell from his year and those tear drops became Rudhraksha. Vedas say that this fact is told by Lord Shiva himself.

Benefits of wearing Rudhraksha
1. No evil force will come near.
2. Mind, Body, Soul and words will become purified.
3. Health, Wealth and Prosperity, Education and knowledge, Vamsa vridhi and lot more are bestowed.
4. People who are diabetic, with heart diseases, blood pressure can wear Rudhraksha to reduce the impact of those diseases.
5. One will get the benefit of bathing in Ganga.

All these benefits of Rudhraksha are told to Parvathi by Shiva. (Shivapuranam).

Let us wear Rudhraksha around the neck and applying Vibuthi on the fore head and chanting Panchatcharam (Namasivaya) and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.