Types of Rudraksha

Rudrakshas have to be chosen with lines from top to bottom. This is called as the face of Rudhraksha.

Rudrakshas have 1 to 21 faces. Apart from this there are Rudrakshas named Gowri Shankar Rudraksha and Ganesha Rudhraksha.

Gowri Shankar Rudhraksha gives peace and harmony in the married life and it also gives peace of mind in the family. Even if it is worn by either of them, the whole family will be benefitted.

Ganesha Rudraksha will have the face of Ganesha in it. Wearing Ganesha Rudraksha will help in getting victory in all the tasks that is taken up. It will also improve one's Bakthi and Gnana and improve the Jeeva Sakthi in one's body.