CD wall hanging

Small gift items can be made using those things lying around the house. CDs that have gone bad can be converted into beautiful wall hangings or coasters.

Items required:
Fabric Paints - Golden, Silver, Red, Green and or any colour of choice.
Satin Ribbon - 1 meter (colour any choice)
Decorative Stones or Buttons - 2 or 3
Fevicol - 1 tube.

Paint the CD with the desired colour and patterns. Paint 3 such CDs. The CDs can be then struck to the Satin Ribbon one below the other leaving about an inch gap in between. They make a good wall hanging.

Alternatively, stickers of Gods can be struck and designed with golden powder and can be gifted individually.

Design the CDs with stones or buttons only the corners to make coasters.

These CDs make a very ideal hand made gifts. Kids can also do it every easily