Review of Nokia 2690 which I got recently

Nokia 2690 is a compact handset available in four colours, white silver (which I own), blue, hot pink and graphite. The phone is a solid bar shaped phone with a glossy finish. A classic design mobile this phone have a very handy keypad. The screen is big but the most annoying feature I found is the digital clock display (which I am yet to figure out how to remove).

Nokia 2690 is very easy to use and handle and it comes with an expandable memory of 8 GB (I am still using a 4 GB card) which allows the user to store music, photos and even documents in text form (have not tried storing my ebooks). The built in music player of Nokia 2690 gives a great listening experience but with the headphones. There is only one speaker at the back and if the phone is placed down on the floor, the chance of listening loud music is very less. It have to be placed upside down (which I dont dare as I fear of scratching the screen). The FM Radio feature is also useful to listen to the radio channel of choice.

Nokia 2690 holds upto 2000 phone book memories and it is very easy to set a photo or image and a ring tone (which can be MP3, True tone or Polyphonic ring tones). The camera of Nokia 2690 is very basic VGA camera and works fine only in the bright light. But still it is good to have a camera in a mobile phone which also allows to take videos too. 

One of the best feature of Nokia 2690 is that, the MicroSD card slot is in the left side of the phone that can be easily removed and replaced without having to remove the back cover or battery.

Nokia 2690 comes with a choice of preloaded games like Sudoku, but the GPRS feature helps in downloading more games or themes or ringtones. The phone comes with Opera Mini browser that allows the user to browser the net with ease.

The inbuilt voice recorder allows the user to record voices and sounds whenever required. The phone can be set to different modes and needs depending upon the needs of the surroundings.

The fully charged battery of Nokia 2690 gives a 4.5 hours of talk time and a 355 hours of standby time. The Bluetooth connectivity and Micro USB port that allows the phone to connect with compatible devices for data transfer. The phone is a quad band phone and the user can create and share emails, text messages and picture messaging too.

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