General Tips for Brides to be

Marriage of two individuals donot stop with them but it is a marriage of two families and at times two different communities too. Marriages are always a grand affair and for every girl and women, it is the most exciting and very important moment in their life. It is an occasion of fulfilled dreams and almost all girls wait for this occasion very anxiously and they become so proud when they are regarded as the bride to be. But imaginations and dreams are just a part of the wedding but the reality is very different with several plans involved. Many decisions to be taken, rites and rituals to be followed meticulously; traditions to be kept up; shopping to be done in advance. But above all this, the wellness, fitness, health and beauty of the bride to be taken care of very much.

Marriage could be between two people who have fallen in love or between two individuals whom the parents have matched. The priority should be taking care of one's personal self. The bride to be should be in a very top shape in terms of beauty, health and mentally.

Make a list of all that need to be done both personally and for the wedding. Sit with your family and allot jobs to every one whoever can help, be it your maid or your best friend. Ensure that you have atleast a month or two before your wedding so that you can have a rejenuvating beauty care done for yourself. Do not do last minute shopping. Ensure that before a week of marriage, all that is needed for the auspicous occasion is packed. Make 2 to 3 copies of the check list and entrust it to the people who wont be able to move around much but would be happy enough to be entrusted with some job or the other. (Better be it the elderly people of the family).

Just before the wedding (a week before atleast), stop worrying about other things and other aspects of wedding planning and try to keep yourself calm and cool to ensure that the brightness in your face remains as ever.