Review of Tata Magic, the magic that have started ruling Chennai Roads

Every time when we travel in an auto, I have felt that how dangerous a feat we are undertaking. All the more worse is traveling to work in share autos. Now the passenger segment transportation have become a very important segment for any city or town or village. The Tata Magic is a new van/expanded auto which is a very revolutionary design that gives more ease of travel and more comfort for the passengers. The design (elongated van type which resembles the Standard Motor Vans), help the vehicle to move along the country side or through narrow lanes quite easily. These Tata Magic vehicles move very swiftly in those streets and roads that are difficult for other vehicles.

The vehicle is highly safe for both drivers and passengers.Both the passenger seats and the driver seats have seat belts for extra safety and the brakes are vaccum assisted brakes which give excellent performance. The large windscreen helps in better driving visibility and Tata Magic meets all the safety standards. The tail lamps help in easy reversing and Tata Magic ensures high fuel efficiency, longer life, low maintenence operation. It boasts of eco friendly vehicle.

In general Tata Magic comes under the Van segment of vehicles and these are micro van in general. People who have seen the Tata Ace, the commercial mini goods carrier vehicle will definitely understand that this is the passenger format of the same. The passengers which can vary from 4 to 7 (if it is only 4 luggages can be placed comfortably by folding one seat) have enough legroom.

Ok, now wondering why I am talking so much about this Tata Magic. I am just looking around India Review Channel for vans especially mini vans so that we can travel around the city quite comfortably. Though my first choice was Maruti Versa, when it was introduced, I find myself so much fascinated by Tata Magic, and more than that the to be released vehicle Tata Magic IRIS, which is going to be highly suitable for a family of 4 and also highly economical. Let me learn more about that Tata Magic IRIS and give you info about it in one of my coming posts.


Glad to hear about Tata Magic.Tata models are really good and they serve the Indian roads very well.The rough handling that it can take up is amazing.