The healing touch of Accupressure - alternate medicine

One of the alternate medicine forms is Accupressure. It helps in treating a lot of common ailments and diseases and helps the body to be relaxed. It can be learnt and self help and treatment to others can also be given with ease.

Accupressure the touch therapy:
A method in which the pressure points of the body, most importantly the nerve endings are pressed with the tip of thumb. There are some special accupressure devices available in the market (which are made at Auroville, Pondicherry) which can be used to give pressure to the nerve endings and pressure points. The pressure given to those specific points helps in releasing the muscle tension and in blood circulation thus resulting in renewing the energy level of our body.

The main concept and principle of accupressure is the reflexology which helps not only in curing but also in preventing major health conditions. One can get easy cure for headaches, general cod, flu, cough, toothaches and many others. The healing touch of accupressure helps in relieving tension (by means of massages) and increase the blood circulation, thus helping the body to relax and get rid of stress.

What is so special about Accupressure?
The most wonderful aspect about Accupressure is that it can be performed by any one after learning the pressure points and techniques of pressing it properly. A very safe and gentle curing method which relieves any one from aches and pains.