What is Rahukaalam and Yamakantam?

Of the Navagrahas, 7 have 7 days of the week. For the two Chaya Grahas, there are no days for the two Chaya Grahas, Rahu and Kethu. But every day, 1.5 hours each for Rahu and Kethu is allotted for these two Chaya Grahas and we name that as Rahu Kaalam and Yamakandam.

Durga is the athi devathai for Rahu. On Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, if Lordess Durga is prayed by lighting lamps in lemon, it helps in removing Rahu Dosham and young girls will get married to a good husband. Women who wish to have a good family life and who wish to have good kids will be blessed so.

Many people who wants some important thing to be done in the family, take vows that they will light lemon lamps for 9 weeks, or 11 weeks and will complete it.