Why do we tie Mango Leaves in the front entrance of the house?

It is beleived that, Mahalakshmi resides in the front entrance (Nilaivasal), of every house. So whenever there is some Pooja or function or a festival, we tie Mango leaves thoranam, Maavilai Thoranam (மாவிலை தோரணம் ). Mango leaves are regarded to be highly auspicious.

In every house, Vak Devatha also resides. This Vak Devatha says Thathasthu to each and every sensitive words we say. If you bless others with good words, it will says Thathasthu means, let it happen. But these Vak Devathas also bless when you say words in anger or in a bad mood. (It is always better to speak good and sweet words). 

But still, if due to some issues, if you happen to tell some words against any one, and if there is a Maavilai Thoranam hung in the front entrance, the breeze that flows through it negativates those words. 

This is the speciality of Maavilai Thoranam.


mango leaves said…
Wow I never knew this. In our country there are other belief too like never to clean during the night because it will drive luck.
Neel Jayaram said…
It is a strong belief that the mango leaves in bunches absorbs negativity; in another words they are used to eliminate evil eyes (Drishti).

These leaves are considered to be sacred in Hinduism. Five leaves of this tree in a pot that are smeared with sindoor or vermilion is a usual site in any Hindu religious ceremony (Kalasha).

This auspicious mango leaves are embodied with many Gods and Goddesses. According to a legend the significance of tying a mango leaves relates to God Murugan and God Ganesha who are the two sons of Divine Shiva and Goddess Parvati, they were fond of mangoes.

It is said that God Murugan was the one who insisted people to tie green mango leaves, as it symbolizes as a fertile crop and for general well-being. Since then the mango leaves are considered to be very auspicious, apart from the belief that it removes negativity, these sacred leaves are also the symbol of propitiating the Gods and Goddesses and hence these leaves are tied in the entrance of our houses especially during the festival season.

Source: http://blog.ishtadevata.com/why-do-we-tie-mango-leaves-in-the-entrance-of-our-house.html