Phone numbers of police stations in the region of Brong Ahafo

Regional Headquarters Syi                03520-27083/27081

District Headquarters Syi                03520-27275/27159

M.T.U. Charge Office Syi                03520-27314

Police Clinic                                    03520-27307

Berekum Police Station                     03522-22037

District Police Commander Berekum            03522-22072/22120

Wenchi Police Station                    03524-22209

Techiman Police Station                 03525-22012

Dormaa Ahenkro Police Station             03523-22008

Dormaa District Police Station             03523-22062

Yeji Police Station                     03527-22004

Atebubu Police Station                03526-22009

Atebubu District Police Station            03526-22004

Tepa Police Station                    03526-47106