Aasaan mobile phone from iBall for senior citizens

In todays time, it is necessary for every one to have a mobile phone, especially the senior citizens need to have a mobile phone to keep in touch with their near and dear ones and also when they go out for even a stroll.

Iball, the computer accessory people have bought in mobile phones and they have a special mobile model specifically for the senior citizens. The main feature of the phone is large number display and large key pad. The most special feature of the phone is the Emergency button which which is quite large and can be tuned in for upto 5 contacts and when it is turned down it gives a sound alarm and also send sms messages to all those people at the same time. The sound of the alarm is quite loud. This button is named as SOS button.

    The phone is a Dual band one with just 1.65 inches of monochrome display (will display the names and numbers in big and bold. The user can text messages both in English or Hindi. The phone have a Wireless FM and have a 3.5mm audio jack.

    The phone comes in two colours black and white. If one wants to have a dirt free phone, then it is better to go for the white colour. The phone can be easily locked and unlocked using the  button at the right side of the device. The phone also have an on/off rocker button and also an LED flash light at the top of the phone. The audio jack is also located on the top of the phone. The volume rocker and the shortcut button, which is also the shortcut button to the FM radio is located in the left side of the phone.

The Menu/iButton located just below the screen reveals a simple scroll menu with SMS, call history, phone book, user profile, settings, alarm and Tool box options. The ring volume of the phone is quite loud and the call quality is also good. Another wonder feature of the phone is the wireless FM, which starts and scans the channels when the short cut button is pressed for a long time.

Aasan model phone from IBall can store upto 500 phone book entries and 200 SMS records. The 1000mAh battery gives upto 3 hours and 30 mins of talk time and 250 hours of standby time. The alarm can be set to even using ringtone alert. The phone also have a currency and unit converter. Calculator is also one another feature of this phone.

Overall this is a phone is very suitable for senior citizens.


vyasa said…
Thanks. Saw a lead to this blog post in Elders Daily Info dt 11/09/2011
It would have been useful of you had indicated price range or manufacturers website. I got it any how. Thanks again.