Introspective Session - Whats there in your handbag?

Have you ever checked recently what do you really have in your handbag? Do you really know what you have in your handbag/purse? Can you take a bet as to what will be found if someone searches your handbag?
This is a blog that I have written in under my blog section Virtual Dairy. Thought of sharing it in my blog too.

I can say for sure what I have in my handbag I said when my friend asked me yesterday. She asked me to list out all that she could find in my bag; I listed it out and she found out that I was almost accurate. But when I asked her she was so reluctant to say or give her bag to me. She said she really dont know what she has and she generally stuffs all that she gets and all that are around into her bag. 

So we just tried to sort out what all she had in her bag. To her and my amazement and shock we even found one rotten banana too . She sheepishly admitted that whenever she opened her bag she had always smelled something bad but she never tried to find out the cause for it. We also found out some bills and papers that are so important and that need to be filed. . I know she is not the only person and there are so many friends who are like that around. 

I should really thank my husband for cultivating the habit of keeping my handbag with the necessary things and the necessary things alone. 

So dear ladies before it is long check your handbags for you might find long lost treasures inside it.