This day that year - 26th December 2004

It started like yet another day, and I started cooking a bit early, as SIL and family were visiting and planned to stay with us for a week that year. Hubby had gone to the Tambaram Railway Station to pick them up who were coming back from Kanyakumari after visiting those places. Suddenly by around 6.45, I felt a small shake, but I attributed it to my health condition, only later to find out that it was due to an earth quake. News started pouring in about the earthquake and Tsunami, which reminded me of the Aazhipperalai which ate up the whole of Kumari Kandam or Lemuria. Wild thought and imagination raced through my mind will the same happen again. Luckily it did not happen. But the destruction that Tsunami created was huge. All over this part of world, especially in the islands of Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, Srilanka and in the coastal regions of India, the nature played very rough game with its big hands. It left many homeless, many families were torn apart and a lot of kids lost their parents and lots of parents lost their kids.

Humanity and helping tendency of people came out during this time, and many famious people and not so famous people, many powerful people and not so powerful people, pitched in, joined hands together and they helped all the victims, and till date every year the victims are remembered and the helpless are helped.

All that I pray to the almighty is forgive us for all the nasty things that we do to your creation the wonderful earth and nature. Help us learn from our mistakes and make us good children who will ensure that we dont create another disaster for our future generations. 



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shreya said…
Earthquake and Tsunami are the two most disastrous hazards that the earth have already faced and they too caused huge destruction. There has to be certain precautions which we can take up to at least avoid the calamities a bit...thank u for the wonderful post. Keep blogging with lots more.